Hero is Gone

Here at 20JFG we quite obviously find music an incredibly evocative experience.  We dabble in what appear, quite often, to be ludicrously extended and intricate metaphors — but what are in fact despatches from our hyperactive subconscious…that also serve as ludicrously extended…

Occasionally, a nameless force reaches out to us.

My Frozen Spirit begins with the aeons-old bass thump from deep beneath a looming cyclopean peak — transported from the rocky continent of Antarctica to the more geographically convenient region of the Artic.  A growling electronic oscillation rises with it, like the Elder Ones, spreading their latticed wings to catch the rush of ancient air surging into a still night.  Strange melodies float over from the distant mountains of snow, pipes transmitting unfathomable warnings across the interceding, icy plateau.  Their plaintive song lost among the bass heft of shifting ice shelves making their way slowly, but with purpose, away from the enormous Antartic mountain of madness, placed sinisterly in their midst.

Pechenga – My Frozen Spirit

Pechenga is Rune Lindbæk and Cato Farstad.  The story goes that after recording this album in 2007 at Lindbæk’s grandmother’s house they self released the record in Norway where it sold 57 copies.  Evidently one to found its way to Smalltown Supersound‘s Joakim Haugland because that label’s just re-released it.  Thankfully.  It’s an incredibly beautiful ambient work, full of a sense of infinite blank vistas and silent winter light.  Where Thomas Köner traverses beneath the ice, here we often soar above, watching our perfect black shadow dance along the white sheets below.

Gatto’s Pick

James Blackshaw – Transient light in the twilight

I used to work with James…..lovely boy….long fingernails.

I would say that I’d give my right arm to be able to play like him…..but that’d defeat the object of making such a bargain in the first place.