This is where we build our house

The 20jazzfunkgreats Interstella class cruiser is currently trapped in a solipsistic nebula that isolates it from terrestrial communications. That doesn’t daunt us, if it was the human limelight we craved, we would have chosen another line of business.

We project audio-sonar pulses into the unknown, and wait for a reaction from the powers that are known to dwell in this area of The Beyond. The possibilities range from untold riches to eternal enslavement, tried-and-tested snippets from the theory of everything, to catatonic oblivion.

Grim expectation, beads of sweat swirl in zero G.

Then a ping from the unknown. Logging into the Net.

Crypto: 0

As received by: 20JFG Interstella Class Cruiser ‘Harmonia’ shipboard ad hoc.

Language Path: Baelosrok – English, Standard Units (95% semiotic decay)

From: Sagan Realm [Claimed observatory of research hermits exiled from the lower ranges of the galaxy]

Subject: 20Jazzfunkgreats post feedback.

Text of Message: Your link is broken, sort it out.

Plus ça change…

Eventually, technical issues are resolved, and our message of amity and understanding spreads through the thick quantum soup.

First outgoes Finesse, a lovely slice of smooth jacking wobble involving crew from Miracles Club and former Glass Candy.  Elevate, the title track in their 12’’ in Ecstasy blasts us from the now like some lost transmission from 102.7 FM WBMX. Alchemical proficiency can’t be faked, all the elements are there and the right reaction ensues: muscles flex, a sequined dress rides up percolating hips, eyes roll, dance down a road to illumination signposted by erotic holograms.

Finesse – Elevate

Check out the C.L.A.W.S. Remix of the B-Side at Soundcloud, and a nice Finesse mix here.

Meanwhile, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley’s 1989 ‘Cold World’ gets us dancing around the archetypical diorama of youthful boheme clashing against the inflexibility of old age, with a tragic conclusion (Marvin Gaye), uplifting reconciliation or a further strengthening of creative resolve and underground commitment (as per UR’s Transition Manifesto/ I am UR). In a paradoxical twist, it is the deadpan MC voice that usually exhorts us to ‘Jack’ which expels the budding DJ from The House.

And inside another House.

Think Baby Wants to Ride re-imagined by the Ronettes. And swoon.

Steve Silk Hurley – Cold world

Gatto Fritto week Monday pick

Yage – Calcium

Future Sound Of London’s soundtrack to my teenage hallucinogenic experiences.

Black microdot….check

Area of outstanding natural beauty….check

Pioneer pull out stereo……check

Begging your friends to take you to casualty at 4am….check