Seven and III

Ideas for sacred cows and discourse:

  • The term krautrock is itself a derogatory and racist category invented by English music journalists.
  • Tangerine dream is the music your dad/weird uncle/granddad made in their bedroom and kept trying to make you listen to.
  • Faust were signed by Richard Branson, and their song Krautock is an in-joke on those who don’t know what krautock actually is.
  • Conny Plank produced A Flock of Seagulls, Clannad and Ultravox’s Vienna.
  • Neu! – to the untrained ear – could easily pass for a new age relaxation/birthing tape.
  • Ash Ra Tempel and many of those on the acid fuelled excess of kosmiche records could easily be mistaken for sub-jefferson airplane jams remixed by ozrick tenticles.
  • Kraftwerk haven’t made a decent album since 1981.
  • Most of krautrocks new fame can be attributed to a book written by an aging 80s indie rock star with blatantly crusty tendencies who dressed in a turtle shell and probably believes crystals have magic powers.
  • Saying that you listen to Krautrock isn’t actually a catch all way of being cool.

* Full disclosure – I am actually writing this wearing a Neu! t-shirt, and have a Can tattoo.

In these days of the musical mass-collective knowledge that is the internet it is not difficult to download and become an expert on the entire subject or kosmiche and motorik in a few days. This makes us happy that others can share our love, but sad that something you had to work hard at, exploring the under the deepest rocks, is now easily available to those who see it as a meteor ride to ‘being cool’.

It really does take quite a lot to impress xxjfg these days, and most new supposed ‘krautrock’ inspired bands/tracks leave us with a bad taste in our mouths.

Food Pyramid don’t (need to) mention anything eluding to German 60s/early 70s music in their email to us, but as with the Bordoms, Juan Atkins, Holly Fuck, Death in Vegas, Fuck Buttons, The Time and Space Machine, Deerhunter, Gavin Russom, Oneida, Lindstrom or P.I.L. – reading between the lines gives us great delight, as does this track from their final long player in the trilogy Food Pyramid III.

Food Pyramid – E-Harmony

Food Pyramid III is available now from Moon Glymph Records.

But as you know dear reader, this is merely a single string in xxjfg multiverse where just a small quantum leap away is Pye Corner Audio.

Lets start with the slow down:

It’s as good a place as any in our well travelled none-linear narrative.

Certain parts of the universe began to loose their hi-energy. The Constalations of Fidelity, Dc recordings, DFA, beats in space joined a growing number of less than 130 bpm systems and we rejoiced.

But this is Europe, and so we feel the force of the early rise of the machines – from Europe to Sheffield via COUM, from Düsseldorf  to Musique Concrete via Martin Denny. So as pulses throb, the drone deepened and the randomness of machines let loose becomes a universal molasses we shed tears of delight and fear for the new future born unto us.

Darkness grew further as the anti-mater of new rave. Born to soundtrack the nightmares we all enjoy – sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, the offspring and siblings of V/Vm and The Knife pitched down for the decade. The video nasty of Salem and our sadly departed brethren at Triangle Records brought us much joy.

Lets add a convergence from room 13.  Mathematicians and jazz musicians using tape loops produced radiophonic poetry –  the Technicolor filter  to our black and white sci-fi visions of the future. We clicked and hissed with lo-fi electronic delight.

If, dear reader, your currently feeling slightly lost, then the audio segment included will hopefully make things clearer.

This is not the whole of our none-linear story, or even a possibly accurate interpretation of the musical narrative, but merely one interpretation of the history of the conversation Pye Corner Audio are adding to with their new album Black Mill Tapes Vol.2.

Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm Number Seven