Spring breaks

Featuring : James Fox + Wheez-ie

Behold 20jazzfunkgreats retrieve from the back of the anti-narnian wardrobe immaculate 1980’s David Foster Wallace indebted tennis outfit for some sweet times under the sun.

Is that a smile in their pudgy, depraved visages? You can be sure of that you snarky cultural prosumers, for it is springtime, what better way to celebrate than a dance in the park sound-tracked by two choice cuts off Ashley’s Marlowe almighty sonic cartel?

There is none, let it rip!

Let us start with a selection from the ‘Housing Project’ Well Rounded offshoot, where James Fox laces pristine mid-tempo dance with some silky new jack swing vibes, projecting us inside an utopia of white and honey which is to mainstream house music what romance is to porn.

We are believers in the possibility of a non-fucked up after-hours club where the tribes congregate to squeeze the last ounce of physical sweetness of the ephemeral night, rather than gurn their way into infinity. If that place exists, this is its theme tune.

James Fox – New Jack Swing

Get it from his forthcoming split with Mean Poppa Lean in Housing Project.

While most of Texan Juke desperado Wheez-ie’s All Werked Up EP in ‘Individuals’ skids in the tracks of hardcore footwork dislocation, ‘Leave her Alone’ hovers above the battlefield like the X-Men’s Storm, convening from the summer skies a purple hurricane of emotion at whose eye spins a silver music box delicate ballerina. If Massive Attack’s Protection was updated for the new millennium, Leave her Alone would be there.

Wheez-ie – Leave Her Alone

Get the 12’’ here