The Storyteller

Over the last few months Aria Jalali of Railcars fame has been dropping jewels all over the cobbled streets of the 20Jazzfunkgreats dominion, thus creating a glittering path for our brightest and most magically attuned children to follow doe-eyed, and the pro magpies that infest our sturdy trees to invigilate for the sparklingest of catches.

After the excellent carnival of unidentifiable spices and campfire recollections of legendary adventures that was Gypsy Treasures, it is the Railcars incarnation itself that today animates our typing, and elevates our spirit. It is with Said Sister, a 7’’ where you will find moments of the stunning Cathedral with no Eyes reconfigured in that brutally bewitching fashion which we have come, somewhat unfairly, to expect from this talented dude.

Saints are waiting, the A-side, is the folk tale where we hear of a fair maiden of rosy cheeks very much lost in the wrong neck of the brocken woods, that where not even the fiercest wolves dare to hunt, and of the forces that she faces in a blasted clearing in the deepest midst of the self-same woods, and of how she marshals these ancient and perhaps malignant, or maybe just untractable forces, with heirloom spells of coralline glamour hand stitched in the fold of her enchanted cloak. Of how she never comes back, and of the pretty flowers that start blooming in the damned brocken after all of this has happened.

Railcars – Saints are waiting