There Will Be Blood

Featuring : Sine + Xander Harris

20JFG ain’t Justin Lee Collins, but do you remember that episode of Knight Rider where KIT changed his name to Regard Daggermath, becomes a sociopath and goes on a killing spree. No? The one where he suffocates David Hasslehof with a slightly too tight seatbelt, before decapitating several passers with his scalding LED display, spilling crimson tragedy all over his grey leatherette interior. Don’t remember that one? Well this was pounding on the stereo throughout.

Xander Harris – I Want More Than Blood (High Heels Remix)

20JFG cohort and leaver of nice comments Xander Harris’ Urban Gothic is already out there doing a killing spree. Find a copy if you dare. Hot on the heels will be coming his forthcoming 12 on 100% Silk which is Not Not a subsiduary of Not Not Fun, them what put out Urban Gothic. Contained therin is this cunning dismemberment of album track ‘I Want More Than Just Blood’.  If you like your drum programming hand built from the Dopplereffekt textbook of absolut rigidity,  and your synth lines played straight from the pained claws of The Phantom of Paradise, then ‘I want More…’ is the pick for you.

Out soon on 100% Silk.

Gatto’s pick

Sine – Keep it coming


Patrick Adams get 15 minutes peace from his shadowy hitman partner. Psychedelic, long form progressive disco balls. If you listen to it backwards it’ll tell you where the bodies are buried.