An Audience with Hans Tanza

Featuring : Hans Tanza

Those Dramatic Records guys are at it again (you know them what was responsible for the Endless House archives). This time they’re regaling us with the fruitbat antics of derailed business consultant Hans Tanza – a typical London corporate entity with a very atypical line in business practice. But enough waffle from us, why don’t we let Hans introduce himself. We do hope that you’ll understand.

Dear 20JFG,

How pleased I am to be able to introduce myself to your readers. I am Hans Tanza, Founder and Chief Executive of Tanza Consulting, although some may remember me as the fresh-faced winner of Money Monthly’s prestigious ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award, 2008. How things have changed for me since those halcyon days!  Headstrong with young ambition and revelling in my fledgling corporate adventure, life looked good through the glass facia of Tanza Consulting’s eight-storey offices. But these days, as I squint, my eyes fill with altogether more *problematic* visions. I feel compelled to record them somehow, in an attempt to make sense of this indefinable atmosphere which threatens to overwhelm the very exactitude on which my fame and fortune have been built. I have turned to music – I don’t know why – to help me in this task.

I come to 20JFG, truth be told, for want of anywhere else to turn – internally at least, I could not expect my colleagues to understand. I hope that your readers, with their minds more open, will find it within themselves to empathise with my curious situation.

Yours with kind regards,

Hans Tanza
CEO Tanza Consulting

Hans Tanza – March of the Photocopiers

Rather than throw himself from an 8th story window as some businessmen might when they experience these thoughts, Hans has instead compiled them into a collection of  arpeggiated renderings, beamed from a twist behind sterility in corporate entrapment. The inventor of the ‘insight generator’ (a device that would not be out of place in a tale from these speculative pages) gives us today his ode to duplication – ‘March of the Photocopiers’  – a pocket kalkulator operated by well spoken John Lydon had he not been so heavily mutated by catholic school. Or maybe Hans has, because despite his exterior brushed steel, chrome and glass we feel that he’s trying to tell us something else. We just can’t quite put our finger on it……hmmm.

‘An Audience with Hans Tanza’ comes on a Flash stick inside a tin containing  an mp3, powerpoint presentation and video combo, and it is out now on Dramatic Records. Musically and conceptually it’s one of the most interesting things we’ve encountered this year.