AZ Co-premier: Innergaze – Shadow Disco

Featuring : innergaze

Once every 2365 years, when the Arc of Gothanzus enters its penultimate cycle, the wretched lump of rock known as 20 Jazz Funk Greats converges briefly in the sky with the shining beacon at the centre of our galaxy, blocking its illumating and everlasting light for just long enough for us to see the true colour of our souls in the unholy darkness.

Yes that’s right, it’s time for an Altered Zones co-premier.

Together we’re bring you an exclusive glimpse into Innergaze’s lurid den.

Innergaze – Shadow Disco

Shadow Disco, is a strut thru a parallel land where mirrors, glitter and dances are the holy sacraments of a mainstream religion whose  father  is Liquid Liquid (on a dubby bender), the son is Daniel Wang and the holy spirit Arthur Russell. On its journey it collects a thousand scuzz tropes and redistributes them across a skeletal groove so lazy, it makes E.S.G sound like a clinical minimal techno project devised by the appointed keepers of metronomic purity. Spectral hedonism, that’s our new calling.

Shadow Disco is soon to be released in 100% Silk……….