Innocence and Dissonance

The machines awaken. Instead of transforming planet Earth into an ugly radioactive waste through the indiscriminate deployment of nuclear warheads, they simply turn technology off and watch mankind slide back into feudalism.

The ecological pyramid stretches one level further, into a pinnacle of superior intelligence around which hover silver machines of mostly indifferent grace, powered by sun, wind, sea and caloric effusions from the lower layers of the geological mantle.

Most of their processing cycles are invested on metaphysical explorations, with some marginal effort devoted to ensuring that the alchemist, philosophers, craftsmen and tinkerers outside don’t bring about another industrial revolution.

A few replicants are sent into human burgs and settlements to record the cultural expressions developing after the fall.

These are the songs these replicants reproduce (sing?) when they are back to the domain of Earth’s new wardens, they echo across vast data warehouses quiet like churches and automated factories where self aware robots perform a precise ballet.

Julianna Barwick and Ikue Mori – Rejoinder

Rejoinder is included in the new instalment of the already legendary FRKWYS series, which this time brings together Ikue Mori and Julianna Barwick to celebrate a one month installation curated by IGETRVNG at White Columns in NYC. Go get.

Kompakt associate label M=Minimal have recently reissued Conrad Schnitzler’s Ballet Statique, the soundtrack for a thriller that unfolds in the belly of transistor city, where different algorithmic factions jockey for control over the parameters that resolve a McGuffin equation/enigma set down by Karl Heinz Stockhausen.

Or π directed by John Carpenter?

Either way, it does compute.

Conrad Schnitzler – Ballet Statique

In the new scheme of things that we outlined above, FWY’s mechanised motorik would probably blast off the latest functioning boom box in the planet, plugged into the steam powered engine of a teenage panzer cruising over the cracked asphalt of a ravaged highway network to smuggle medicines, banned literature and epic male oriented rock vibes across the ill-kept boundaries of warring fiefs. Fear not troopers, for we aren’t thinking of Kevin Costner, but Cowboy in Walter Jon Williams’ Hardwired.

Fuck the orbital soviet!

FWY! – Nowhere Somewhere

Nowhere/Somewhere is included in the CA 80’s-90’s tape recently released by Brave Mysteries.

20jazzfunkgreats will be at Primavera Sound this week, documenting what goes on from the trenches (inc. Twitter psyche-ops). If you see us at the Neubauten/Suicide/Ariel Pink/Gang Gang Dance/Pissed Jeans/Prince Rama of Ayodhya/Lindstrom/Blank Dogs/Factory Floor/OPN etc etc. shows come and say hi/get down for a dance. We will be wearing the Augmented Reality inducing Cassette Playa t-shirt that makes us look like the avatars of some post-lawnmower man hallucination. Or you may be on drugs.