The Insight Generator

Featuring : Hans Tanza

With open arms, 20JFG welcomes nutjob business consultant Hans Tanza and his parents at Dramatic Records back to the blog. This week he’s introducing his finest creation – The Insight Generator. We received another correspondence from Hans so we’ll let him explain his machine – and say only that the accompanying track is a board meeting discussing the quarterly impacts of psy-trance flotations on the  futures market of electro-acoustic academia circa 1976.

Hans Tanza – The Insight Generator

Dear 20JFG,

Many thanks for inviting me to address your readers once more. Sadly, my visions continue to overwhelm me and I fear my commercial acumen has been compromised. Nevertheless, sales targets must be met, so I turn to your pages in the hope my services may be of value to a sympathetic few.

Now, a word about my Insight Generator.

Tanza Consulting conducted discourse analysis of one thousand brainstorms, resulting in the development of an idea-machine of incomparable originality and truth.

Did you know…?

• 26% of drivers wish their car had another wheel
• Ball bearings are historically a recession proof investment
• Over half of all adults would rather use a walkie-talkie

This is just some of the game-changing intelligence made possible by the Insight Generator. So please, whether for professional or private use, do purchase your machine today, only £700 (plus VAT).


Hans Tanza
CEO Tanza Consulting

The ‘An Audience with Hans Tanza’ Flash stick inside a tin, mp3, powerpoint presentation and video combo, is out now on Dramatic Records. The Insight Generator is available from Tanza Cosulting.