AZ Co-premier: E*Rock – False Fortress (Moon Duo remix)

Featuring : E*Rock + Moon Duo

Over the years, messers 20 Jazz Funk Greats have assimilated a gem-studded dossier of talented friends, collaborators, acquaintances and even enemies, like some kind of low fidelity Borg-cube floating through an unknown quadrant of incredible visions. Today, in association with our sponsor Altered Zones (TM), let us reacquaint you with one of our oldest and dearest.

Mr Eric Mast, known to those that know as E*Rock (and not be confused with EZ Rock from that band Rob Base and EZ Rock) has been a spiritual and actual friend of the blog since the heady days of nu-rave (TM) – a period which made us feel old at the time, now placed 5 years into the past. We go back a looooong way.

E*Rock – False Fortress (Moon Duo remix)

Moon Duo’s remix of E*Rock’s False Fortress crawls into your space like a gloomy out-take from that undisclosed (and perchance made-up) Neubauten/Throbbing Gristle country collaboration before accelerating into Opa Loka at 45rpm/Finders Keepers dodgy Z series psychedelic erotica territory. The rhythm is perfectly synchronised with the upwards/downwards thrust of a ritual blade slashing into the fabric of reality to reveal all the sexual neuroses of that foolish New Age community that choose to locate its geodesic dome in the hallowed grounds of Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.

E*Rock’s new album ‘The Clock and The Mountain’ is out now on Audio Dregs.