None of these things are related


A dagger, a grave, a cold wet mist hanging in the air.

A sunset, a rocky beach, a concrete jetty.

A dank London street, orange glows, enticingly awful food.

Late 90s electronica, ghostly Ch-House vocals, BASS.

None of these things are in order.

Like the opening of a Herzog-ian documentary on an invented tribe of endlessly looping South American tribesmen, caught in some feverish Amazonian reverie, while a full scale replica of a Chicago club is ferried downstream on a vast barge…

Like the spires of industrial cities, reaching up to the thick wet clouds and disgorging their blankets of smoke, which cover the glistening cobbles and haphazardly tarmacked side streets below…

Like a penny endlessly trembling as it succumbs to gravity on a perspex counter-top.

Well Rounded are quickly and efficiently becoming a treasure of the Brighton Vs. Hove demilitarised zone.  Graphics is the second release on offshoot, Well Rounded Individuals and is a towering example of Fractured British Dance Music.  A sliced vocal looped and buried under fabric-thin waves of synth washes haunts the intricate drum programming and sweeping siren-calls that interleave and enchant.  Which is not to say it’s adverse to a break and a surging refrain, that’d be silly.

Graphics – ‘Adjectival E’

The Graphics 12″ is out on July 4th on vinyl and you can enjoy your virtual 12″ on July 11th courtesy of the digital release.

As the phlegmatic comments left on the blog over the course of some recent posts have proved, sometimes things fall through the cracks.  Our apologies go out to Lord Boyd for brutally sleeping on his latest release.  The 20JFG hivemind is occasionally separated, sent out to northern lands and denied access to the mailbox.  As a result a ton of blogs have no doubt already cast their runes over Bisons but we’ll attempt to play catchup.

Patients marries our Right to Children to an occasional Pulsinger synth-out while a Boucepherous Ball bounces along.  Partially.  Spaced out and alone, floating in among a great blue sea of icy ethereal synth peaks and pulsating lava flows of dirty euphoric techno running just out of reach beneath out feet.

LORD BOYD – patients

The Bison EP came out at the end of May and this is but one track from it.  The whole thing’s very good and is available from Lord Boyd’s Bandcamp here.