Fifty Thousand People Used to Live Here

(Artwork by Mike Mignola, of course).

During their holiday trip to Tunguska, the good chaps at Extra Normal stumbled upon an abandoned bunker.

Inside, ashtrays crammed with cigarettes, maps covered with meticulous Cyrillic scribbling, an arsenal of PPSH machine guns, silver munitions and, once sharp, now rotten stakes spread over a metal table. All carefully arranged like the still life for a Transilvanian headhunt, lines of sight converging into a vanishing point at the back of the room, a cabinet wherein hid a rusty tin.

Inside, the original film prints for the legendary Grusha.

Cue a bass line full of omen like the hum of a primeval shaman staring into the bloodshot sunset, fear echoing across the aeons.

Lumpen Nobleman – Scaling the Yablonois

Lumpen Nobleman’s (no link, alas) soundtrack for the aforementioned feature is all about the deepness, the abyssal and the sub-dermal, brown drones awesome like the ornate dome of a defiled Orthodox monastery breaking through the mist, grim commandoes in ghillie suits pulling their best Snake moves up the snowy hill, an inhuman metronome ticks away at the heart of the ruins, counting down the time left for the start of the paranormal firefight.

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