So Bright, So Bleak and So Clean

We’ve long championed Digits’ appropriation of various dancefloors in service of his hushed pop.  A whispering sound from the ether that swirled around Arthur Russell back in his folk fuelled days.

Digits’ latest feels familiarly strange in the way that Water Borders did on first listen.  Brought up in a pre-internet land the idea that music that feels so local can loop around the world, nestle in and breed new forms still engenders a minor tremor of future shock.  Because It’s Wrong begins by seemingly dragging a minimalist disco melody over a piece of Bristolian sub-bass but soon morphs to something more…purple.  Alt’s languid vocal smooths through the disconnect between the deep bass (apologies for the 128kbs, you’ll have to trust us) and that right-in-your-ear Soul.  Unashamed 4am music.

Digits – Because It’s Wrong

Because It’s Wrong comes from a self-released EP, out in September, called Only Affection.  His previous EP is still available here

The gloriously consistent Mannequin Records pump out another impeccably tailored jam of a record in the form of The Present Moment‘s Loyal to a Fault LP.

Clothed in the vintage threads of minimal synth A New Day takes in hook laden Reagan-era-nuclear-hysteria-pop.  A bubbling, wilful dissonance between a world of mutually assured annihilation and a chrome plated future ushered in on neon and glass.  So bright, so bleak and so clean.  There’s rarely any way to sing about love here without it feeling like the end of world.  Of course, this is a world where Genesis became a Malcolm McLaren to the embers of punk and shaped them into a fifth column of synth-wave disillusion-ists…maybe.

The Present Moment – A New Day

The Loyal to a Fault LP is out on Mannequin on 26th September in collaboration with Desire Records of France.