20JFG: bites #354

  • Public Information are a new label sticking records out on vinyl and digitally.
  • Public Information have been kind enough to contact us about their first two releases, one by ADR and the other by 20JFG fave No UFO’s.
  • Public Information seem committed to releasing electronic music from the 50s onwards.  We can get behind this

ADR‘s Jupiter Rising comes on like an unheard out-take from OHM . You find yourself lulled into the cascading world of patch cords and eastern percussion only to be interrupted be a reassuringly thudding piece of drum programming.  Somewhere between Cybertron (at 33rpm) and a Gamelan recital Jupiter Rising hits all our Akira fantasies in one.

ADR – Jupiter Rising

ADR’s album Solitary Pursuits comes out on Public Information on September 19th.

No UFO’s returns to these pastel pages with Less of Maybe Even… which is a delicious wormhole of a title even before you get to the gentle looping waves of sound within.  Suspended in what light penetrates the tumultuous surface of the sea, this final track on the 12″ spreads its arms in the cold ocean, serenely filling its lungs with water.  A very feint hint of life appearing with the hint of pipes as the track comes to a close.  Like the tree sprites of Princess Mononoke, a watchful presence and ever so slightly eerie.


Ambient loops take Eno’s Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks to the ocean floor.

No UFO’s – Less Or Maybe Even…

No UFO‘s Mind Controls the Flood comes out on Public Information on October 10th