Her Skull About to Burn Through Her White Face Like a Thousand Watt Bulb

Featuring : Giant Claw + Goitia Deitz

(Post title nicked from William Gibson, like many other things)

Let a thousand antennas bloom towards the sky and thrive in its mysterious whispers, a menagerie of diligent secretaries sort through them, instinctively identify one particular snippet whose enigma is most seductive, and forward it in a high priority valise to a Spartan hut where savant logicians will scratch their heads and scribble excitedly in black boards, knowing deep in their heart that this message can’t be cracked without a pseudo-random key of love which is unfathomable, if it wasn’t then all our pains would now be solved.

A realignment in priorities, a diplomatic crisis, the cryptogram stored in a cabinet until Christmas, when they will retrieve it, feed it into a computer to translate it into a wordless song, dance to this song under harsh party lights and mistletoe, look into each others eyes warmly, and in silence, understand.

Goitia Deitz – R o m a n c e

Goitia Deitz’s R o m a n c e/ C o m a 7’’ is an impressive affair, the Balearic/Chi soul refractions of the track above are accompanied, elsewhere, by some stunningly fierce motoric progressions infected by the same carnivorous bass virus that we find in Factory Floor’s death-head techno. This is only the beginning.

Welcome to the carnival halls haunted by the abandoned, hallucinated children of the 1970s classic horror canon.

All you need is here, the new wave spunk and the shocking perms, the blinding rays of neon projected from the kitsch bazaars of a confused Europe, the clichés and signs that precede a DIY carnage materialised in shredded latex and ersatz blood concocted by Tom Savini’s amateurish disciples. Here blast those symphonic pseudo-heavy metal soundtracks perhaps best exemplified by Phenomena, whose hysterical spirit thrives and soars in Giant Claw’s psycho-synthetic workout below.

You can almost see the heroine-punished pale arms of a failed diva shooting from her shallow grave against the bloated face of an indifferent moon, gigantic bracelets jangling, and claws indeed, they will shed blood soon, and the freaks will jam to it.

It isn’t clear what is the excuse for what, we are thrilled regardless.

Giant Claw – Return to Icedome

Return to the Icedome is included in the Tunnel Mind tape, available from Dial Square.

Starting tonight, the most stunning the LAZE will be playing a live OST for the Phantom of the Opera across Picturehouse cinemas in the UK. The dates are thus, don’t miss out:

OCT 31ST – Liverpool – FACT

NOV 1ST – London – Hackney Picturehouse

NOV 2ND – Newcastle – Tyneside Cinema