Panspermia Party

“Hydrogravitional-dynamics (HGD) cosmology of Gibson/Schild 1996 predicts that the primordial H-He4 gas of big bang nucleosynthesis became proto-globular-star-cluster clumps of Earth-mass planets at 300 Kyr (thousand years). The first stars formed from mergers of these 3000 K gas planets. Chemicals C, N, O, Fe etc. created by stars and supernovae then seeded many of the reducing hydrogen gas planets with oxides to give them hot water oceans with metallic iron-nickel cores. Water oceans at critical temperature 647 K then hosted the first organic chemistry and the first life, distributed to the 1080 planets of the cosmological big bang by comets produced by the new (HGD) planet-merger star formation mechanism. The biological big bang scenario occurs between 2 Myr when liquid oceans condensed and 8 Myr when they froze. HGD cosmology explains, very naturally, the Hoyle/Wickramasinghe concept of cometary panspermia by giving a vast, hot, nourishing, cosmological primordial soup for abiogenesis, and the means for transmitting the resulting life forms and their evolving chemical mechanisms widely throughout the universe. A primordial astrophysical basis is provided for astrobiology by HGD cosmology.”

Layman interpretation: The dynamics of the cosmic big bang generated the conditions for the biological big bang. How? By creating the chemicals that oxidise into hot water oceans whence life emerges, and animating the colossal pinball machine of stellar collisions through which such life is transported across the cosmos. All of this in between 2 and 8 million years. That’s quick! FYI the universe is around 14 billion years old. We suspect contact is imminent. We are excited. We sit in our bedroom headbanging to the kind of tunage that captures the cyclopean glory of such celestial developments.

You can read the rest of the paper here. The charts in it are super-cool too.

(Image taken from Sci-fi-o-ra-ma review of the To the Moon vinyl set)

The Three Fields ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ EP (forthcoming in Installed Worlds) is pretty great. Like Vortices soundtracks the footage from the dark side of the moon that the minions of the Illuminati won’t let you see, least you start gazing at the stars rather than the adverts on the side of your web browser, and lobbying for renewed investment in the space programme, instead of tax cuts for the affluent. If Brian Cox’ TV series had been directed by John Carpenter, Like Vortices would have been the theme track.

Three Fields – Like Vortices

Like Vortices will be available for download for a limited period of time. You can go and listen to the rest of the Wild Blue Yonder EP here.

Warning Light’s The Universal Rewrite is an onomatopoeia for space travel in an imaginary Moebius comic book adaptation of Greg Egan’sthe Clockwork Rocket’, the mechanical drone of the bass symbolises convergence with the speed of light, and a deceleration in the passage of time within the vessel, which of course means that if the passengers stare from their hatch as they should, they will behold the mute protagonists at the stage of the cosmos rushing their one-off performance: a static tableau hyperspaces into chronographic pyrotechnics. Herzog transmogrified into Michael Bay, a different kind of beauty.

Warning Light – The Universal Rewrite

The Universal Rewrite is included in Wild Silver, out in Stickfigure Recordings.


These two tracks are part of the ‘Jolly Ghost’ phenomenological stage of our latest ‘Souvenirs from the Zone’ podcast.