Love in the Time of Solar Apocalypse

Featuring : Bad Passion

The (now) UK based Digits returns to the pages of 20JFG with his new side project Bad Passion.  Alt brings his old flatmate Lesley with him to dish out some slow-core R’n’B jams.  Given Alt from Digits constant incursions into the fortress of Pop, it’s perhaps not surprising that Bas Passions manage to pull of such an endearing pastiche of radio friendly R’n’B.  Well, if it wasn’t slowed to a crawl and delivered like it was a Galaxy 500 cover…but that has a compound effect on our love for this band.

What Bad Passion manage to pretty effortlessly do is to slide the — often breathtakingly deadpan — delivery of their adolescently sexualised boy/girl narratives into something achingly beautiful.

This is music bought into at both ends.  The wry smile of an angelic voice crooning “it’s really got me buggin'” is married to an elaborate sexual metaphor involving badminton — but at the same time the music does that transporting thing, like Low or the aforementioned Galaxy 500 (when you concentrated on the voice and let the guitars fade away).  A transporting thing that makes you fall in love with the heartbreaking sound while simultaneously being entertained by the knowing sexual intent of the words.

Liquid Fire exemplifies all this.  At 6 minutes, by far the longest track on Bad Passion’s free EP.  Alt’s ghostly backing vocal barely registering in the background.  A reverb heavy piano and a low synth rumble dominate with the slowly encroaching percussion doing everything to support Lesley’s seductively earnest description of love in the time of solar apocalypse.

Bad Passion – Liquid Fire

You can get more details along with the EP itself (for free) here.

We shall be at this on Saturday.  Doesn’t need much introducing really: (Brighton) gig of the year?