Positive R-Externalities

Ray & The Prisms, Hans Tanza’s foremost competitors in the field of analogue-cryptic management consultancy, recently launched ‘astrograph’, a distraction channelling API for business service providers in the creative industries – particularly product design houses and boutique architecture studios. Astrograph transforms the flow of information generated by social media networks, e-mail systems and behaviouralist web-browsing (which has been shown to decrease average employee productivity in the range of 20-30%) into a steady stream of warm & fuzzy trinkets.

Not only are these delightful in their own particular & self-standing ways – they can also be assembled into a consistent gestalt that some users have compared to ‘a guided tour through an 8-bit astral zone that intersects with Bruce Haack’s palace of trickery’ and ‘a visit to the lair of the inner child who resides on a rarely visited province of Hauntology’s subconscious, followed by an introduction and subsequent jaunt with his imaginary friends’.

Ray and the Prisms – Astrograph

We thoroughly recommend you try Timelapse in Colour via Datagarden.

Isaac Asimov argued, in a 1963 article in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, that children should be tested for their ‘creative scientific aptitude’ on the basis of their fondness for ‘high quality science-fiction’ so that, we suppose, they may then be nurtured in special academies built following the blueprint of Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, or Ender Game’s military academy (sans the homophobia).

Along similar lines, we’d like to call for the educational authorities to broadcast curiosity and awe-affirming synthetic compositions on a daily basis through the Power Amplifier systems of kindergartens across the land.

Teachers should seek for the following reactions in the children subjected to the experiment: mild levitation, telekinetic episodes and holographic projections; scribbling of genetic sequences and organic chemistry structures; design and implementation of makeshift spaceship replicas using available materials. Those who display such symptoms should be referred to the Bureau for Terrestrial Exodus for induction in the Unified Theory of Everything Child Prodigy Programme (strapline = your species needs you).

*And so it begins*

Roland Sebastian Faber – Renaissance

Roland Sebastian Faber has done it again – another collection of sounds found far away, pristine and elegiac like a mathematic proof through Reductio ad Magnificum. We notice, in this case, the heart-expanding echo of a Morricone epic, vast Western vistas replaced by a majestic representation of the cosmos where the orbs continue their clockwork waltz, silent & pensive like weathered cowboys in an existential pilgrimage.

Renaissance is included in his new Gegen Den Strom 12’’ in Aube.