Do Whatever You Want With Business

Featuring : Blondes + D/R/U/G/S

Image taken from HMV’s flickr via Voices of East Anglia

And so, with the nights drawing in and Skyrim sitting in our collective DVD drives it’s time for the 20JFG original content machine to spin down.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be doing our annual round up of the things we liked this year.  Most of which we posted, some of which we’d have gotten in trouble if we posted — which we’ll post now anyway.

It’s fitting then that we end the year with a track from one of our hero labels: RVNG.  One of the (numerous) wonderful things about writing this blog is the relationships formed over many, many emails with people all over the world not least, the borderline obsessives that run record labels.  From International Feel and our own prodigal son at Tri Angle through to Optimo, Mannequin, AVANT!, Well Rounded…the list goes on and is…many.  Where we’ve dabbled with putting our money where our mouths (that cannot scream) are, these guys are the real deal.  We salute you and all the excellent records you’ve put out this year.

But that was 2011.  This is 2012…

Blondes debut album finally reaches our ears on February 7th via the aforementioned RVNG.

This is Business.

Blondes – Business

The sounds of some vast AI, stirring into life one gigantic switch at a time, dominate the opening moments of Blondes’ hazy House.  The filtered screams of its endless corridors of light rise and subside like tides, under the gravitational pull of a gloriously restrained drum sequence.  At least initially.  Business’s layers of sound grow exponentially until they drag in the nearby Black Meteoric Star to their cause.  An arpegiated midnight blue dive through the Matrix; portentous bass thuds mingling with the floating fragments of Scratching.  A mournful float through a dataset of dance music.

If we did anything so arrogant as a ‘labels to watch in 2012’, Tender Age would be on it.  If the hallowed halls that its boss is treading don’t suck him up into a Shinning style relationship where he only wants to put out spoken word records in Old English.  Actually that’d be fine too.

This is from the makes-us-want-to-go-out-dancing-again-and-again 12″ by D/R/U/G/S that came out in November on, of course, Tender Age.  You can get it here.

Connected doesn’t waste much time bringing its snippets of Techno and House to bear on the floor.  Far too much has been written about ghostly reconfigurations of former genre glories and the pillars that this stands upon are amply described by the track itself in the opening minute and a half.  Exercising a Craig-ian approach to the build, the drop finally arrives and the euphoria is suitably unleashed.  Not ones to paddle in the pool of anti-intellectual hedonism, 20JFG are satiated by the wiring machine ballet that seems to underpin the ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE HANDS IN THE AIR PIANO HOUSE that forms the back end of the track.