Oh, sweet home – Week 2

Featuring : Lord Boyd

Dear 20JFG,

The portal that you provide back to my former life — all glittering floors and narrow streets — continues to be very much appreciated.  

I have made repeated excursions this week, attempting to pierce the membrane that keeps me from you; a needle repeatedly stopped in time, on the verge.  But to no avail.  I remain idealising from afar and plotting my eventual return.

Without the ‘penguin huddle’ that your city’s wayward building practices provides I have been repeatedly blasted by sea-fresh winter weather.  It has not been fun.

Thanks once again for the parcel.  Its boundless energy paints the streets with looping joy.

Whatever the collective noun for celestial brand Casio keyboards, they descend from on high to kiss the balearic shores before pushing off back into the sky to dance loops against the clouds.  Moments of grace amongst the alluring cliffs of a tidal breakbeat: washing over the dancing, specular flecks of light that flake from the treble heavy melodies.

What would have made for a very respectably brief running length for a 60s pop single here contains all your dance music food groups.  A beautiful intro a danceable series of peaks and troughs a breakdown and a triumphant return.  Maybe not enough drops to satisfy your average Skrillex fan but nonetheless, an impressive feat for a track barely out of 2 minutes.  2012 will bow before brevity in dance music (although we’d have still liked this to go on forever).

Lord Boyd – Shark Dad

Lord Boyd’s Beyonce EP is out now via his Bandcamp, here.