Slip, sliding away – Week 3

Dear 20JFG,

The banality of familiarity has kicked in.  Sorry.  

Those simple stereotypes of home are becoming more believable the more the memory of the complexity fades. It’s all rock, new media companies and hen nights, no?  No?

The music we post always has a pretty fuzzy chronology and we’ve always had an equally fuzzy approach to reading press releases.  For the last week or so the baroque Italian-English of La Bambola Del Dr Caligari has been soundtracking our morning commute along the chalk lips of southern England.  And the idea that it was recorded over 25 years ago was completely alien.  And thus Cold/Synth/Minimal-Wave eats itself and is born anew.  Except in this case, when what we’d mistaken for loving recreation is actually just meticulously preserved.  Ooops.

This changes our relationship with the music only in the way that there’s now a disconnect between the people responsible and us, the listeners.  They’re not living in the world of Merkozy but that of Reagan.  Their shuffling downtempo deployment of simple synth sounds: a retreat from crushing economic inequities…simplistic economic parallels: lol.

La Bambola Del Dr Caligari’s languid shuffle through Deep Skanner forms the centrepiece of their Forced Exposure curated split with Vazz.  Where Twin Peaks had the angelic Julee Cruise taking up residence at the Roadhouse, the voice of La Bambola Del Dr Caligari’s Judy Asquith crawls around the decaying ritual spaces of purgatorial bars.  The remorselessly simple synthetic snares pulling you round and round, a aural tracking shot, synths occasionally obscuring your view of the unfolding anti-drama at the centre of the apocalyptic stage.  Those nuclear weapons were always an easy metaphor for the socio-economic devastation unleashed then, as now — although disarmament has sucked the drama from the end of the world.  Damn.

La Bambola Del Dr Caligari – Deep Skanner

Deep Skanner is available on the split LP Whisper Not / The Wrong Holiday available on Forced Nostalgia from the 30th January. Boomkat, in their wisdom, have made it album of the week.