Creative People are Evil

Not only does Greatness come in many disguises – it can wear several of them simultaneously, like a fractal prince that shifts colour & demeanour depending on the dimension you behold it from.

The version of the classic Goodbye Horses by legendary dark synth commandoes Psyche can be used to illustrate this phenomenon – a 1980s pop gem which is expansive in the way in which only 1980s pop gems managed to be expansive (for some reason, they make us think of Chinese dragons, adventures in faraway lands, and romantic victory snatched from the jaws of defeat), a crypto-poetic monologue branded with fire in many a young soul, and a disco banger which, with its ascension towards and eventual drop, never fails to bring the house down, like some techno ripper doused in mascara & sequin (we had to get the Buffalo Bill reference in there somewhere).

All of these things strengthen each other, turning the anthemic levels up to 11.

Psyche – Goodbye Horses (Radio Edit)

Goodbye Horses is included in the Psyche EP collection being released by the very brilliant Optimo Music.

We love that, in his latest musical portrait of a famous explorer, Dramatic Records in-house cultural anthropologist Gabo Gulbenkian has decided to pay tribute to the renowned poète maudit Arthur Rimbaud. Perhaps its Yello-like dada array of cartoon samples, Art of Noise style rhythmic syncopation, and synthetic Morricone thrills seek to derange and disorder the senses in the same way in which the poet did, as to best attain seer-hood.

We wonder what visions does the seer thus created behold, and what they mean. Perhaps an over the shoulder peek at the findings of an experiment in media Darwinism, designed by a bored researcher who kept one thumb permanently on the fast-forward button*?

We don’t know, we aren’t seers mate. You tell us.

Gabo Gulbenkian – Arthur Rimbaud

Go and get the album here.


* Yeah, we like William Gibson, but you already knew that.