Week 5 – Twilight of the Synths

Dumped straight into the middle of a stratospheric dance.  Twinkling spires of light, pulsing with grace and speed, nipping at each other’s vapour tr…

But today, we’re here from something more tectonic.  While it’s hard to resist the lure of the optimistic arpeggios in all their aspirationally futurist glory, we are thankful to Mind Over Mirrors for dragging them to the ground.  It feels like an intervention.

The vast bulk of Emblem sounds like great concrete slabs being dragged through a hazy, brutal landscape; steam driven and remorseless.  As its fairly brief stay comes to an end, darkness seems to close over this huge machine of a track.  A red glow coming from inside, the violence of its great form filtered out, just leaving any survivors to hear its heartbeat.

Mind Over Mirrors – Emblem

Emblem is taken from Mind Over Mirror’s 7″ on Dirty Knobby, like so:

Mind Over Mirrors – Near Your Dwelling – 7″


$7ppd US/Canada and $10 World – paypal to dirtyknobby(at)yahoo.com.