Let there be life, and hope.

Mads Lund Kolding remix of Lucky Dragon’s Existers starts tentative, like a shy speaker at a conference being q-dot-casted across the universe, a hum, a cough, the seed of a theory encoded in a piano melody of Debussy-like frailty, bootstrapping itself into higher levels of conceptual complexity (and normative implication) through its interactions with heavenly vox and synthetic arabesque. The message is thus abstracted to allow for extreme variance in the cognitive make-ups of its intended recipients, and the planetary environments where it may, or may not, spawn new life.

Which is the hypothesis being tested, we look forward to see what happens.

Lucky Dragons – Existers (Mad Lunds Kolding Remix)

Existers is a very beautiful mini-album/artifact produced by Lucky Dragons in collaboration with Jesse Hlebo. You can purchase it from Swill Children.

Our most excellent compadre Brian Miller has composed, as True Neutral (and in collaboration with Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt and Ezra Buchla, ex-Gowns and EMA), the score for an Audiobook of Patrick Wensink’s new book, ‘Broken Piano for President’. Being the thorough journalists* that we are, we have done a bit of research and found out that the main themes of this book are alcoholism, burger-drug-wars and the ‘need to chose happiness over work and security’.  Wensink himself is compared to Christopher Moore and Thomas Pynchon.

If we had succumbed to our fantastic/un-journalistic impulses to place ‘Call on the Heard’ in the trans-media literary canon, we would have selected Philip K. Dick and David Foster Wallace as references.

The reason for this is that both authors portrayed the tensions between the evolution of Economic, Organisational and Techno-pharmaceutical structures, and the emotional and social needs of the individuals embedded within them, and that is the vibe that we get from this droid power-ballad. Its weird echoes of Motown (Mass Production), Big Star (Stagflation), and even GladOS’ swan-song (Portal as Kafkian situation) are not a coincidence, in our view.

We love it very much.

True Neutral – Call on the Herd

Pre-order it from Deathbomb Arc.