Interstellar 60

In these dark times when forced nationalism oozes from every aisle (although we’ll let Kellog’s off), it’s no wonder that we retreat into Space.  To soundtrack our grand republican cruise we’ll eschew the timelessly reactionary Punk and stick instead with a future of a similar vintage.  This is an oscillator, this is a gate, this is a key, now form a band.

SPACEROCKS début was thoughtfully delivered to our inbox just in time for us to blot out terrestrial concerns and float amongst the heavens blowing shit up drifting serenely.  A bubbling celestial beginning to the opening track from their 5 track epic, B.F.O.S.R. sounds eerily like a theme; a jingle worthy of Suzanne Ciani for some interstellar brand.  It moves swiftly though.  Soon we’re greeted with an oscillating disco stomp that Joakim may one have visited.  Then some Moroder Freestyle — a continuum nudged slightly out of whack would have seen Donna Summer joust with Madonna for an interplanetary crown over the pulsing movements contained within B.F.O.S.R.’s near 8 minute stretch.

The whole thing’s absolutely intoxicating.  Jumping between good ideas and giving them just so much love to flourish before moving onto the next.


Higamos Hogamos Presents …SPACEROCKS is available right here for the austerity busting price of just £5!

This weekend sees the finale of a peerless four year run of shows and records from Sex is Disgusting.  Our good friends Andy and James pretty much dominated all that was good about going to shows in Brighton over the last few years (putting on our personal favourite Plug/Led Er Est/Xeno & Oaklander at the Cowley Club).  You’ll be missed guys but with R Stevie Moore playing you out I’m sure it’ll be a suitably joyous wake.