The Return

Featuring : Group Rhoda

Beginning in a grain filled haze, dawn peaking through the foggy half light.  Group Rhoda pierce through this and return to these pages, this time atop a new album out on Night School Records.

20JFG has been suffering a DDOS involving work deadlines and shitty internet over the past two weeks.  We hope we’re over the worst of it.  We really do.  What that’s meant is that this amazing record by Group Rhoda has been fermenting on our hard drives, only growing with potency as the weeks ticked by.  Mara’s voice remains as beguiling as ever, only now it floats over a more tropical selection of synths.  Drifting ever closer to the sacred sands of Antena’s Bossa-Nova-Wave.

At the Dark resembles Pop in as much as Polish Cinema posters resemble their source material.  The forms are there and vaguely recognisable but you’re constantly left with the feeling that you’d rather see the films theses posters presented than the often mundane inspirations.  Group Rhoda’s world of Pop winds a world around the voice.  A world of of bassy oscillations and conspiratorial melodies.  A private version of Pop that owes much to her Minimal Synth progenitors.

Group Rhoda – At the Dark

At the Dark is taken from Group Rhoda’s album Out of Time — Out of Touch.  You’ll be able to grab it yourself when Night School Records releases it on August 20th in the UK and early September in the rest of the world.