Symbolic Demarcation

No UFO’s returns to 20JFG with an album dedicated to his MPC.

This is dusk music, when the humidity clogs your throat.  An asphyxiated fever, causing the long shadows of the setting sun to pluck at your primal anxieties.  Like a Dub Laurie Spiegel ‘Symbolic Demarcation at 450 ms’ conjures up a post-commercial wasteland and then stalks it.  Hot and liquid, the relentless percussion inhabits those small alleys of concrete and corrugated metal; of chain-link fences and greasy fabric awnings.  A place where the smells and sounds of life haunt your senses but inhabitants remain elusive. Like Donald Sutherland chasing red shadows through Venice, but with less neck stabbing and more reverb.

No UFO’s – Symbolic Demarcation at 450 ms

No UFO’s MPC Tracks Vol.1 came out earlier this month and promptly sold out.  Another run is being readied so head over here for more info.