Featuring : Datassette

As anyone who endured the latest iteration of Battlestar Galactica knows, “All this has happened before, and all this will happen again”, which is all fine and well, more so if next time there are less angels and mandalas and Geocities mysticism, and more sleek Cylon sharpshooters throwing shapes in a virtual space stretching under a canopy of glaring neon, erected as a tribute to an apocryphal avatar of the age of cybernetic fusion that apparently went by the name of Cerrone.

We cannot convey to you directly the nature of these dancers’ experience, for our underdeveloped animal senses are unable to parse a converged flow of information where kinaesthesia captures an individual’s position within the neural web of a collective intelligence expanding over light-years. We have to slow things down a bit, render them with a graphics engine, and process them through sound synthesiser.

The output looks like Elite after a Jeff Minter workout, and sounds like Zombi’s monolith italo probe ‘Sapphire’ descending upon warring tribes of unsuspecting monkeys to endow them with technology, and the ability to party.

Slakinov Datassette – Interaction

As included in Datassette’s soundtrack for Space Rubbish, a video game developed by Slakinov. Go and get everything here.