I feel the Heat, the Suns are shining.

Featuring : Cloudland Canyon

From time to time, we are delivered a song that exists in the overlap zone of the Venn diagram of our obsessions. A song to unite the tribes. Cloudland Canyon’s ‘Born Blonde’ is the latest example.

The subject of the e-mail where Trensmat informed us about it (like scouts arriving from the wild frontier with tremulous reports of a great shadow rising) simply said ‘Kosmische/Italo’.

Which is a pithy way to summarise how the barbarians invaded the empire, and in doing so they destroyed the empire, but also were destroyed by it. Something else lived on, it splays in the shadows of ruined patios, stretching its limbs, ogling the rapidly healing scars where the graft was done, cooing. What was an angelic ambient harmony has become fierce praxis, like relativistic equations applied into nuclear fission. The cybernetic drone that used to announce massacre elevates into a chant of communion.

This is a beautiful falcon, hunting for eyes. It is coming.

Cloudland Canyon – Born Blonde (edit)

The synthesis we describe is easier to see in the full version of Born Blonde – in there, the episode of ‘Bobby O was wrong so we drowned’ we have smacked you with today is arrived at via 7 minutes of full-on starship-troopers codeine jamming. Mastered by Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3. You will have to wait for the reunion until the middle of November. There is more information here, although we must warn you the 12-inch is now sold out. Boo hoo. Move faster next time.

You can also try to get the Aureliua, another Cloudland Canyon 12 being released by The Great Pop Supplement, out at the end of October.