Twisting in our freshly printed bodies: Three+ reasons why we love Chris and Cosey

  • Chris and Cosey hit the sweet spot between Clarke & Ballard (any sufficiently advanced technology is undistinguishable from magic, and any sufficiently diffused technology is undistinguishable from furniture – NB the latter was never stated by JGB, but rather ascribed to him by, say, Warren Ellis, in his criticism of Ballard’s ‘banal future’ Cf. ‘How to See the Future’ speech).  Neither of these (admittedly caricatured) situations/positions is desirable, because they are both disempowering. Chris and Cosey’s portrayal of technology resemble an animists’ interaction with nature – organic & complex, in a McLuhan or Cybernetic way, but full of mysteries, miracles & blessings as well – quite close to Ballard the way we read him actually, and also the cyberpunks.
  • Second cyberpunk echo (NB: these things – CC and CP were all happening at the same time, multiple discoveries and all that) – the future won’t be a utopia (thankfully), but neither will it be a dystopia. This is one thing that most accounts of Cyberpunk get wrong – it isn’t dystopian; it is only if we look at it from the standpoint of the present, like our present would if we looked at it from the standpoint of the past (i.e. as fundamentalists). The CC/CP future is exciting and scary and weird, it is written in a language we don’t quite understand, yet populated with concepts and emotions which are all too familiar, to the chagrin of the Platonics and the modernists and the singularitarians. Chris and Cosey’s compositions are like the nuclear shadows of romance/ Sex-Terminators arrived from a synthetic future that never came to pass.
  • Songs like these, they are legion.

Chris and Cosey – heartbeat

From their stunning debut Heartbeat.

CTI – Dancing Ghosts

From CTI’s (that is, Creative Technological Institute) Elemental 7.

Of course 75% of 20JFG readers already know all of this etc., but we couldn’t bear thinking that even a single one of you, perchance young & impressionable,  may be saved from hell/decadent synthetic limbo by not being exposed to these samples of the virus when they may still represent damnation.