Featuring : Mind Over Mirrors

The beginning of Second Nature sounds like an interrupted Imperial March for art nouveau storm troopers.

We like Mind Over Mirrors rather a lot. The heavily treated harmonium at the heart of everything, somehow managing to bridge the gap between the strange sounds of our 8-bit youth and the strange sounds from the analogue synthesisers that were being ritually abused a few years before. All while being produced by an instrument far, far older than that.

After a grand droning introduction Second Nature becomes almost buoyant.  Speeding along a looping causeway, the central supporting melody constantly circled by krakens being released from the deep and stargates being opened in the heavens.

That’s what we love about Mind Over Mirrors’ music: it’s a gateway drug to blogging excess.  A shibboleth that tests your love for the vistas conjured in the music by making you write about them.  Or you could just listen below…

Mind Over Mirrors – Second Nature

Second Nature is taken from the album, Check Your Swing, out on November 13th on Hands in the Dark Records.