Compulsory Purchase Disorder

Featuring : Yvette

And so we add our din to the cacophony of incantations in praise of Yvette’s Radiation single.

In the central planning office at 20JFG’s ivory tower there exists a brittle wooden cabinet.  Within its many draws lie the accumulated zoning diagrams of our many heads.  These lay out the torturous paths of musical taste/appreciation/fandom we have taken to arrive at the blog’s citadel.  At one point there was a quasi-Whiggish plan to layer these into a continuum.  In one of more opaque actions of the 20JFG bureaucracy, the budget for this grand project was appropriated in the great Altered Zones spending review and, alas, these byzantine plans gather dust.

Scrape it Off arrives in the zoning room with a crowbar and a Pentel Jumbo felt pen; forces the cabinet and proceeds to draw a thick red line from Glenn Branca to Liars.  Enacting a compulsory purchase on great swathes of our sonic youths.

The A-side of Yvette’s Radiation single may be better equipped to harness the resurgence of Industrial/Brutal-Dance-Music (which I imagine is similar to taming Shai-Hulud) but Scrape it Off manages to fold the space between our many No-Wave heroes, Neubauten and that point at the turn of the millennium when New York last decided that interesting shit with guitars was a good idea.  Which is a more rewarding trip.

Or alternatively:

It comes in dressed as Terry Riley and leaves with your clothes, your friends and various members of Liquid Liquid to go looking for the Ascension.

YVETTE – Scrape It Off

Yvette’s single Radiation came out on November 13th but we’re not entirely sure what form that release took.  I’m sure you can find out here.