Sympathy ALT_SHIFT

Featuring : James Ferraro

One of the many great moments in Chris Ware’s ‘Building Stories’ is when he gives us a glimpse of the future where pre-post-humans in white wander the ruins of Chicago hunting for memory fragments, the sympathy shift experienced by the actual protagonists of the intimate present that is the subject matter for Building Stories.

It doesn’t look pretty – pre-post humans in white jacked into an augmented reality where they spam each other with text-spelt offers and demands for sex, these add up into a heat-map of physical transactions above the ruins of Chicago. Ominous references are made to the change in the pornography paradigm (‘here comes everybody?’) that finally led to the discovery of the Godwave.

We can but hope that Ware will explore this verisimilar future in the future

In the meanwhile, we will skirt the event horizon bounding that weird no-place where J.G. Ballard would have tried to make sense of Chatroulette (or whatever’s the equivalent nowadays).

We will also listen to James Ferraro’s mesmerising Sushi, a set of reports from a juke battle where the patterns that would emerge from the high-frequency trading meme market for ennui and lust implicit in Ware’s vision (and our weird disjointed now) dance a dance that is alien, but all too human too, like a Lover’s Rock encoded in Assembly Language.

James Ferraro – Baby Mitsubishi

Baby Mitsubishi is included in James Ferraro’s Sushi, which you can acquire digitally here, or pre-order on vinyl from Hippos on Tanks.