Kraftwerk listening party – The big easy

Featuring : Kraftwerk

Important things happen between Kraftwerk 2 and the next album.

  • Florian got a haircut, and started wearing nice suits
  • Ralf and Florian got neon signs
  • Ralf bought a mini-moog



The kraftwerk traffic cone is still in use – as with the previous albums this is men at work, under construction. Kraftwerk are perhaps still a work in progress.

1973’s Ralf und Florian remains distinctively experimental, lacks the previous albums’ dissonance; the music is sweeter, more colorful with the arrival of the synthesizer. Where there would have been music concrete there is now ambience; melodies become integral, pastoral, sometimes classical in theme. As Kraftwerk are left with only Ralf and Florian on the album, Ralf’s melodic style can breathe more and Florian refrains from putting his flute through 7 shades of effects.

They are having fun together and indulging in the art of composition and songwriting.

Tanzmusik, with it’s strange ghostly Victorian sounds is more hauntingly music box than it’s title, translated as dance music, would suggest. It marks a milestone in the duos music growth and again one of xxjfg’s favorite tracks of all time, but basically anything we could choose to post from Ralf und Florain is classic, such as Kristallo.

Kraftwerk – Kristallo

The album closes with Ananas Symphonie (Pineapple Symphony), a confection of mouth-watering phase and Vocoder sounds washing onto a sleepy Hawaiian beach- you can almost taste the pineapple.

ummm pineapple.

Like John said : “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t own Ralf und Florain, don’t fuck ’em!”


xxjfg will continue their Kraftwerk listening party after soon.