“A call for new and different ways of perception, but presented in a language accessible to all”


The 20JFG Collective Progress Broadcasting Trust (20JFG-CPBT) welcomes the publication of Betawave X’ Ghetto Hymns for the Earthbound and Weary (GHEW) and uses this opportunity to propose it to the members of its community as a quality assured and efficient tool to acquire the basic grammar and syntax of a language of organic collaboration that will be required if our species is to overcome the challenges ahead.

20JFG-CPBT acknowledges the limitations of a command and control strategy to teach the attitudes and behaviours conducive to the upkeep of common pool resources, investment on long-term scientific, technological and cultural research and development, and communication with species displaying alternative layouts and cognitive arrangements.

20JFG-CPBT endorses a subtler strategy based on the provision of a basic set of sound fables embodying basic axioms which when internalised demonstrate the logical and evolutionary necessity of the behaviours which are conducive to the attainment of those critical goals. GHEW contains several such fables.

One example would be Dignity of Labour below, a unit of astral dance packing many important teachings in a resource-efficient package. To wit, the necessity of avoiding a counter-position of what is right and what is fun, and what can be pondered and what can be danced. 20JFG-CPBT contends that the positive attitude thus attained will reduce friction in the transmission of the messages of mutual aid and workplace empowerment for which this unit is the vessel.

Betawave X – Dignity of Labor

For more information, visit here. Acquire the rest of GHEW here.


20JFG-CPBT also acknowledges the contribution of Fantastikoi Hxoi’s self-titled document to the preservation of the ancient ‘party’ sounds of the Mediterranean and to the validation of combinatorial theories of creativity.

From a purely practical standpoint, 20JFG-CPBT welcomes the opportunity to dance through its lodging while the contents from FH exit  the sound-speakers at a volume and velocity which would perhaps be socially irresponsible, but have been permitted this time because of the increase the self-same contents have been proved to generate in desirable personality aspects like ‘soul width’, ‘perceptivity of invisible magic dimensions’ and ‘capacity for child-like wonder’.

20JFG-CPBT invites members of its community to share in this experiment through ‘Horizon Unfolding’, the catalogue for ‘Dionysius Eternal’, an exhibition recounting the ages of Rave from the pagan celebrations in the cradle of civilisation, through Medieval Heresies and carnivals to the cycle of the Sufi, and the enlightening metronome of post-war German classicism. ‘Dionysius Eternal’ is being  celebrated at the British Museum in August 2069 if everything goes according to plan.

Fantastikoi Hxoi – Horizon Unfolding

The self-titled document can be acquired here.