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It is a well-established fact that the most commonly used words on 20JFG are ‘runner’, ‘blade’, and ‘Vangelis’ – I just counted, and they feature even more than ‘and’ and ‘the’. And so why your brain might be telling you that you’re sick of hearing about this stuff already, we should qualify it by pointing that, actually, we’ve never posted a track from Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack ever! Well, apart from Memories of Green back in 2008, but that doesn’t count because it was already on a Vangelis solo LP pre-BR anyway.

And while in a perfect world we shouldn’t be needing to tell anyone about how great the Blade Runner soundtrack is in 2013, hey, we don’t live in a perfect world. There are no hover cars. No giant Japanese lady faces projected into the smogscape above Piccadilly Circus. The Tannhauser Gate doesn’t even exist yet! Whatever it is. No, that’s all to come in 2019, and until then we’re polishing up our ‘Cityspeak’ (ok, Hungarian) and preparing for the oncoming gorgeous dystopia.

In the last issue of Empire magazine, Vangelis broke rare cover and declared that he officially wants in on the sequel Ridley Scott is currently developing. This HAS to happen.


Sure, we’re as uneasy about the prospect of a sequel as anyone. Nobody wants Blade Runner & The Crystal Skull. But a Vangelis score could secure Ridley some rare and much-need credibility, following the mixed reception to Prometheus.

Anyone in any doubts over whether Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou has still got the chops for a Blade Runner film needs to check out the amazing three-disc Blade Runner Trilogy 25th anniversary set, released in 2007. Alongside the two discs crammed full of cues from the original film (and still, incredibly, a large chunk of the soundtrack has never been officially released) is a third CD of new, Blade Runner-themed Vangelis compositions.

That music flows seamlessly from the skyscraper-hard grandeur and abstract yearning of the original score.


Sweet Solitude is one of those pieces. The first thought upon listening is that Vangelis picked up a few tricks from Angelo Badalamenti’s Twin Peaks scores along the way, until you remember that the original Love Theme from Blade Runner pretty much handed Badalamenti his soft focus, a-dream-of-jazz template on a plate.

Vangelis – Sweet Solitude

So far all we know about the new Blade Runner film is that it’s a sequel – not the Prometheus-style prequel initially mooted – that shooting begins this year, and that the original cast are unlikely to be involved. Scott is apparently still looking for a writer to sort the script out (dude, Rutger Hauer is surely available and he ‘wrote’ [improvised] the best bit of the entire first movie!).

Hell, it could even work as a silent movie – just lingering, loving tracking pans of Scott’s future noir cityscapes – and let the only narrative come from Vangelis’ widescreen synth romanticism.

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