Digits: Epilogue

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We helped Digits kick off his In the City of the Dead album/story back in October.  The idea being that he’s crafted an exploitation synth-soundtrack for his apocalyptic tale of J, musician/journalist/chronicler of this blasted world.  Here he is, back with the final track from the album: a tough but plaintive epilogue.  

Epilogue: The Survivor

The young woman hides among the trees, crouching, remaining silent, watching the man standing in contemplation at the cliff’s edge. His face is scarred and weather-beaten. Brow furrowed, he doesn’t move a muscle.

“Are you J?”

The man shifts slightly but doesn’t answer.

“I want to join you,” she called out.

“How long have you been there?”  he said to the young woman, without turning around. “I’m impressed. I’m not easily caught by surprise.”

“I’ve heard about you. People are beginning to talk. I want to help. There’s nothing else in this world worth doing.”

The man turns to her, looks her straight in the eye. He half-smiles then turns away again.

“Will you have me?”

He doesn’t answer and keeps looking off into the distance. His smile grows, his eyes fixed on the horizon, not moving from one spot. His mind consumed, thinking of only one thing…..the day that he will RETURN TO THE CITY OF THE DEAD!!!

Digits – Epilogue The Survivor

You can listen to the whole thing here.