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Featuring : King Stag


The 20JFG floating palace follows along strange lay lines.  Occasionally, these lines intersect: a theatrical piece of gothic synth-pop here, re-watching Twin Peaks there.  Not that Lynch wasn’t partial to gothic synth-pop of course…but it’s the poker-faced use of 50s youth culture staples to create a climate of absurd horror that we’re going for here.

King Stag’s woozy gothic doo-wop does all of the above: the skeleton of some upbeat drive-in swinger, caked in black, slowed to a drawl. And when the doo-wop fades: an organ straight from a B-Movie soundtrack, oscillating around and around Forrest Ferguson’s theatrical words.

Dean Stockwell would be proud.

King Stag – La Danse Macabre

You can get Tight Rope, the album that La Danse Macabre comes from, on King Stag’s Bandcamp: here.