It begins with a peacock

LDP Gliese Translations Cover Art

Before we got all comfy with EPGs and Guides and TiVo there were ‘flicking channels.  And when you flicked channels you built up a bizzaro narrative from the fragments of TV that clunked in front of your eyes.  People wrote endlessly about this as if these machine narratives gave us some insight into 20th century malaise; but In some Cronenberg-ian daydream these channels were not fragmented, they hung around and decayed over each other, melting together in an orgy of RGB (or Y’UV / Y’IQ, pedants).

Rising and falling and obtaining, in a Paralax View style, some sort of mental hold on you through its pixel overload, it nonetheless has many moments of almost woodcut beauty (see the black and white section with the peacock).  Although mind-melded to the music throughout, interestingly, the video’s own momentum keeps it going well past the song’s end; like some whirling dancer still jerking up into the air long after the music’s stopped and the lights are on.

Matthew Caron and Rebecca Gaffney’s hypnotic destruction of video is what’s being described above.  They’ve done this in the service of “The Three Voices of Tawûsê Melek” by Long Distance Poison.  This video is included on a DVD that will, in turn, be included with the Gliese Translations LP/DVD which can be pre-ordered here.

In addition to the excellent video above Fin Records have also graced us with the third track of the Gliese Transitions remix LP.  Steve Moore of Zombi and Drew McDowell of Coil contribute the first two.  This is by Shawn Parke and melds two tracks from Long Distance Poison’s last LP.

Beginning with a fog horn for some vast beast, the static orbiting its colossal mass fills your ears.  The encroaching beat throwing you a life jacket to prevent you drowning in the humbling heaviness of the opening two minutes.

Arpegiated synths arrive just in time to pull you up for the dark seas you’ve slipped into and up to some over-world of celestial gliders and loftier concerns.  Perfectly, the static and unease continue to play out below as the fragile beauty of the organ drones lulls like the Sirens.

It all comes crashing down though.  Of course it does.  The over-world flickers away leaving you tumbling down into the maw of the dull thumping beast below.

Long Distance Poison – Signal I & Signal II (Shawn Parke remix)