A tiny sweaty man sits on a tiny sweaty box, thrown into shade by the violent stage lighting just behind him.  A thick drape separates him from the expectant crowd.  He dabs nervously at his forehead with a grubby handkerchief before — his hands pressing hard down on his knees — he rises.

Rounding the drape the tiny sweaty man steps into an expectant hush.  The stage lights beat down.  Striding purposefully to the lectern, centre stage, he is a study in calm authority.  Arriving briskly at the lectern and, firmly grasping its sides, he speaks:

“Ladies, gentlemen and readers of Twenty Jazz Funk Greats.  Tonight, have we a treat for you!”

And indeed we have.

Mysterious Italian, Phantom Love, has gifted us the truly epic Lotus, from their self titled EP.  All the throbbing bloodlines are here, a genealogy that connects Carpenter to Mann; Detroit to Rome.  Remorselessly urgent, the synths and drum machines grip the road in ways the Drive soundtrack could only dream.  If Hotline Miami had a monochrome-blue driving subgame this would be the endlessly looped score.

Ten whole minutes of skittering, compressed symbols dancing round that breathlessly efficient melody trick  Carpenter did so effortlessly.  Ten whole minutes of gated drum machines forming a motorised heartbeat.  Ten whole, glorious minutes of mean streets fantasy, all tough and existential.

Phantom Love – Lotus

This is out on Mannequin Records on April 9th.  The rest of the EP is just as good.