Happy Spasms Forever

Featuring : Cherry


(art is by the awesome Tony Digital Art)

The first thing we heard by Teruyuki Kurihara aka Cherry was the light-dashed slow-motion glide of 1969, a 26-minute epic that not only manages to transport your head to an entirely different place from where it was when it first started, but actually seems to move through you simultaneously.

1969 represented the first element of a three-act pop art symphony called Aanother Fractal, which saw Teru mould myriad sound into beautifully-designed, brightly-coloured pop shapes. Now he has two sequels to that release, in the form of The Fractal EP on Frame Recordings, and his self-released Last Fractal.

Teru recently relocated from his native Tokio, Japan, to Melbourne, Australia, and the songs on Last Fractal are a tribute to that new place. Teru’s new songs bounce and ping everywhere with information and playfulness. At first, it seems way too dazzling and intricate and, well, happy, to ever be called techno – even though Robert Hood is one comparison that sometimes comes up. The second half of The Fractal EP does venture into darkness and delicate minimalism, but it’s the always knowing that there’s a light at the other side that saves us – this isn’t death, it’s a tunnel. We come out the other side and it’s Rainbow Road.

Cherry – St Killda

This is pop music the way we like it – a million tiny noises that make a million different cells in you want to move, twitch at the same time. This is what we call dancing. Happy spasms forever.

Teru is currently looking at coming over to the UK – if anyone is interested in booking him for a show, get in touch with us xxjfgers, and we’ll hook you up.

Listen to the rest  of Last Fractal on Soundcloud