12th April 2013

“In Return for Your Homage, I Bring You a New Era!”


Seance Centre

Seance Centre - Chandi

Beppe Loda is a legendary Italian DJ, who made a name for himself in the early 80s with an Afro sound (having been DJing since the early 70s).  He started a mix we posted (in June last year) with Bionic Boar, a track we wrote about last week.

Seance Centre is a collaborate between Loda, and Brandon Hocura and Naomi Hocura of VOWLS. Brandon described the thought process behind recording one of the tracks wonderfully:

…the song was named after Emil Zatopek, the greatest long-distance runner in recorded history. I edited the track down…from live jams in an attempt to capture some of the off-kilter mechanical expression of form that Zatopek was famous for. He was also known for running faster and faster during his final laps and not appearing tired at the end of extraordinarily long races.

Our tendency (rightly or wrongly) to anchor people who create culture to their heyday makes this particular collaboration seem temporally confused.  In a good way of course, not in a Bing Crosby and Bowie way (that’s for another post).  Zatopek certainly seems to emanate from the same synth-wave era that was flinging out tapes and cassettes to all corners of Europe.  Yet Naomi’s words seem pulled towards the more melodic, more emotive Italo that was a camp compatriot to synth/minimal-wave’s blank earnestness.

This transatlantic collaboration between an Italian and a pair of Canadian’s doesn’t simply fold time then; it draws together within itself several musical moments that co-existed in a world that wasn’t ‘always online’.  The geography — that added friction to music moving around the globe in the early 80s — is gleefully disregarded.  An almost psychedelic synth breakdown sits among the (seemingly) simple drum programming that defined the DIY electronic music coming out of the northern European countries.  A vocal that’s in some moments as icily practical as Kraftwerk’s machine noises and at others, the source of soft club incantations; not the excessive siren call of Italo but somewhere in between.

When we were sent this it was compared to Klein + M.B.O. another transatlantic collaboration of producers and musicians.  A bridge between Italo and proto-House in Chicago.  Which seems perfectly apt to us.

Seance Centre – Zatopek

You can listen to the whole EP on their Soundcloud.

Post title taken from this, if you were wondering.

Brandon’s been in touch to clarify that Loda wasn’t actually involved in this track.  Rather, after working with him in the studio Naomi and Brandon kept working and created the 4 tracks on the EP.


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  1. Rad!

    Yours sincerely


    12th April 2013

  2. Transatlantic enough. these collaborations, especially when electronic, always take advantage of two separate cultures that reflect in the music. Here I hear Kraftwerk combined with something close to Grouper which can be an odd combination per se.

    Yours sincerely


    13th April 2013

  3. In return for your umbrage, I bring you a new aura.

    Yours sincerely

    Sean Orr

    13th April 2013

  4. niceness

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    15th April 2013

  5. All I can say is… thank you for still maintaining this site. Mediocrity has *never* stood a chance here.

    Yours sincerely


    17th April 2013

  6. Queridos colegas del futúro, Los Veinte Grandes ha sido como mi libro de cabecera desde hace unos años. Agradezco a los dioses y semidioses (ustedes) esta titanica labor. Larga vida. Saludos desde México.

    Yours sincerely

    Carlo Sergio Magaloni González

    24th April 2013

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