lower-case synth-odyssey


(Art is by the excellent Gordan Shark.)

It’s like getting really, really close up to a Roy Lichtenstein painting – smudging your face up against the glass and crossing and uncrossing your eyes, focusing on a cluster of dots at a time and rocking your head back and forth to approximate some sort of internal zoom lens.

I wonder if that’s how Chris Smith of Fractal Skulls sees the world – like Yayoi Kusama must do. All softly flaring and then fading points of colour. His gentle, precise synthesizer poems feel lived in, like miniature, heavenly pop art worlds. They breathe.

Chris’ releases as Fractal Skulls so far have included some self-released cassettes, a split with Laurent Chambert of The Other Colors, and now a new split with Adam Willetts on the tape label Bunkland.

Fractal Skulls’ submission is a 20-minute lower-case synth-odyssey. This is perfect music: ego-less, careful, a bouquet of tones.

Chris has given us two short extracts from the full piece for download, but you’re well advised to check out the full release.

Fractal Skulls – Regenerative Systems

Fractal Skulls – You Are Sound

Buy Telepylos/Sandyford Lines from Bunkland