Oncoming Storm

Featuring : German Army + Lark


German Army have long laboured to perfect their nightmare jungles.  Conjuring claustrophobic scenes of light and (mostly) shadow.  A glimpse of their sun would fill your vision with grain and noise.  Theirs is a world calibrated for the perpetual gloom of infinite shade; any squawk of civilisation echoing endlessly off the thick tree branches. The leaves sway slowly but through the accumulation of their layers the sun strobes in hyperactive, Harding Test crushing ways.

German Army – Literacy in Opium

Literacy in Opium is taken from German Army’s LP Endless Phonics, out on Monofonus Press.  You can buy it here.


This one we’ve slept on for a while and what strange and terrible sleep it was.  It was a sleep of minimal drum machine cold sweat; Carpenter worshipping guitars; and a Codine-Psycobilly spirit guide.  It was a sleep of possession: bodies controlled by faceless forces as we battle internally for control.

Lark’s Goodbye Man forms the theme tune for an opium den on the other side of Lamarchand’s Box.

Lark – Goodbye Man

Goodbye Man came out digitally on Care in the Community Recordings back in May.  You can get it from iTunes here.  You can get the 7″ via Norman Records, right here.