Romancing the Stone

Featuring : Lumpen Nobleman


Illustration from Ludwig Preyßinger’s Astronomic Picture Atlas via the mighty 50watts.

So, the thing is, there is this magnificent stone located near Nazarovo, a city in the southernmost corner of the Siberian region of Krasnoyarsk.

We have checked the history of this region in Wikipedia, and found that, apparently, nothing worth recording happened there in the period between the 7th Century Before Christ (with the Scythians), and the 17th century, when the region was settled by the cossacks.

Let’s consider what this means (leaving aside any biases that may exist among Wikipedia’s English writership.)

What it means is this:

This is a place that, at least as far as contemporary humans are concerned, experienced just under two and a half millenia of emptiness. Just under two and a half millenia of nothingness.

Of course, that is from the point of view of contemporary humans. But who cares about their point of view? From the point of view of two and a half millennia of emptiness, contemporary humans are a stochastic irrelevance, vapid echoes of whatever orgies of violence & ancestral worship the mighty Scythians were getting up to.

And anyway, this emptiness is only a measure of contemporary humans’  ignorance.

We know that nature abhors a vaccuum, and two and a half millenia are an awful long time, over which many things could have happened in the region of Krasnoyarsk, where Nazorovo and its magnificent stone lay. Like a Tunguska-style catastrophe, or a mining expedition of droning arthropodes, or a cosmic visitation suspending the normal rules of physics, and creating a Zone of Weirdness able to absorb all histories like a black hole’s event horizon.

We can but speculate, the Magnificent Stone which was the witness of whatever event happened is keeping mum.

But Lumpen Nobleman isn’t. A Magnificent Stone Near Nazorovo is the song it romances (or tortures) from this stone, or at least the musical translation of its strange geiger emmissions.

Sound-waves of an impossible geometry and a gnarly logic, like the cosmos’ pushing back against the quest for harmony of  the minimal composition movement.

Like a footwork odyssey of quantum agents.

Like the content of all the hermetic mysteries in a Hellboy tomb-raid, if we replaced Mignola’s primary colours and straight lines with the fathomless depths of a Van Dyck chiaroscuro, if we extracted from the esoteric texts he raids implacable mathematical sequences proving something terrible.

Lumpen Nobleman – A Magnificent Stone Near Nazorovo side Two (edit).

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