A Faust of the Senses

Featuring : Gardland


Somewhere in Brooklyn the borough’s industrial past is taking a well considered revenge.  For it is Brooklyn that is the home to the wonderful RVNG.  A label that manages to put out records of quality with the hulking regularity of machine precision — records that often feel completely entwined with an industrial past.  While the label’s offices* may well be built on an ancient manufacturing burial ground, we are all benefiting from their possession.

Gardland** are the latest to roll off the vinyl pressing plant’s oil slicked steel.  They may harness the analogue of synthesisers but it’s in service of a brutal digital death drive.  Like the artwork up there, this isn’t a crisp digital version of Techno, its blacks rendered grey by the soft rolloff of the synths, but in the attempt they’ve created something so much more beguiling than perfectly square oscillations.

Like fellow travellers Mi Ami, this is Techno dreamt first, designed second.  Lost in a narcotic 2am haze.  Faintly mystical, as if we’ve walked in on a ritual being performed by 808 shamans who can no longer stand.

Syndrome Syndrome is the title track from Gardland’s album.  Sinister in the way that stumbling across a clearing with one red jacket at its centre is sinister.  The drums envelope you, like many trains travelling on impossibly intersecting lines.  Synths wail like guitars and fade off into oscillation death.  This is forest techno if the forest was made of Detroit.

Gardland – Syndrome Syndrome

RVNG will release the album Syndrome Syndrome on October 28th.  You can pre-order it here.

* I have no idea where RVNG’s offices are.

** Gardland are from Sydney