Saturday mix club: Abstract Hold

Featuring : Donga


Our irregular Saturday mix series welcomes Donga this week very literally on the decks.  An all vinyl, hallucinogenic House set in honour of the Well Rounded Records night returning at Brighton’s The Green Door Store.

When the soundtrack to Blade Runner’s deleted clubbing scene makes it out of Ridley Scott’s fever dream it will be mournful and half remembered.  With the exodus off-world in full swing, the sounds of the past, of industrial centres like Detroit and Chicago, will feel like brutal kicks of nostalghia.  The disco will sound like arpegiated Vangelis and the floor at 4am will fill with fin de siecle hedonism.   The DJ will play vinyl (and the stylus will look like a medical instrument) in a final fuck you to the Tyrell Corporation’s digital distribution ambitions.

It won’t sound like this though*, this is available right now:

Donga – 20JFG 2013 mix

As ever with our blind mixes: have a go at compiling the tracklist in the comments.

*ok, it’ll sound exactly like this.