The Cave of Forgotton Streams

Sometimes our haphazard attempts at arranging tracks to post come crashing down.

Sometimes I wonder about that treacherous gulf between the rolling excitement of the new and the cannonisation of the old.  There must — I ponder, stroking a greying beard — exist a great sea of music trapped in the caverns of our iTunes libraries, crushed further and further down by ‘sort by Date Added’.

So I went spelunking (because it’s a more lyrical word than potholing) and stumbled across a cave of such beauty that it hurt to think of it laying, underground, all this time.


Sometimes you just want to be sung to in a voice that sounds like waves and sunshine.  Sometimes you wish for that episode of Miami Vice where Crockett & Tubbs spend the entire episode sat on the Porsche, watching David Bryne perform on a street corner to no one.  Sometimes Vangelis in his New Age pomp is exactly what you want to hear.

Baron – Hearth Shell

Today iTunes offered up Baron and it was a good day.

This is taken from Baron’s Columns that came out at some point in 2013 (all right, 13/01/13).  You can buy it here.  Our humble apologies for neglecting it until now.