Dreams of the Clipped House

Featuring : Group Rhoda

Despite attending fewer shows than ever, this year has been a good one for live (dance) music. Alongside seeing Chris and Cosey at Heaven, we recently witnessed Teeth of the Sea annihilate a claustrophobic basement club. Both ear burstingly visceral experiences for sure. It’s back to April though for the first time one of your fearless writers turned to another and uttered the incantation “gig of the year?”

And with that piece of hyperbole let us reintroduce you to Group Rhoda.


Group Rhoda’s second album is out now on Not Not Fun. It’s called 12th House and is very good indeed. There is a track on that album called Disappearing Ground. It’s a soft and hazy bosa nova dreamscape. Where Antena is all white washed walls and dancing shade, Disappearing Ground is sheltering from a rain lashed seafront in the sticky warmth of a basement club. I love both equally.

However, today we posit a third way: Identity Theft’s remix of Disappearing ground that folds space between Mara’s clipped dream vocal and early 80s synth pop; the fold charting a journey directly through Electroclash and House. While the first three minutes work well as a hypothesis on the future of Group Rhoda as a reluctant Diva-House band, the second half of the track unleashes the synths. And glorious they are in their urgent, tragic ascension and fall.

Group Rhoda – Disappearing Ground – Identity Theft Remix

You can’t buy this as far as I know but you can the Group Rhoda album right here.